Shaikha Camille Hamilton Adams Helminski

camille_helminskiOur gathering honours the work of Shaikha Camille Hamilton Adams Helminski, a Sufi teacher in the Mevlevi tradition, founded by Rumi. Camille is not expected to attend our gathering due to health reasons but this initiative would not be as it is without her continuous support and encouragement in exploring and connecting to the Divine Feminine. Camille also has ancestral roots within the Quaker movement, something that we will share more about in the gathering.

Camille Hamilton Adams Helminski was raised by two wonderful parents, who celebrated with deep spirit the beauty of this magnificent creation yet died early in 1971.

She and Kabir were married in 1974 and have raised three beautiful, spirited children, for whose presence they are deeply grateful, Matthew, Shams, and Cara.

Camille has been mentored by a number of very dear souls, and has especially focused within the Mevlevi Tradition of Rumi for more than 35 years. In 1988, Camille and Kabir founded the Threshold Society, a non-profit organization rooted within the traditions of Sufism and dedicated to facilitating the direct personal experience of the Divine. In 1980, they co-founded Threshold Books in order to bring into English many classic spiritual texts, including some of the first modern translations of Rumi. She has been a mentor of the Snowmass Interspiritual Dialogue, the Spiritual Paths Foundation (which promotes peace, respect, and mutual understanding between peoples of diverse spiritual traditions through engagement in contemplative practice), and also is recognized as a spiritual elder by WISE (Women’s Islamic Initiative of Spirituality and Equality).

She has authored and co-translated many books. Among them:

Awakened Dreams
Jewels of Remembrance
The Rumi Daybook
Happiness without Death
The Light of Dawn, Daily Readings from the Holy Qur’an
Women of Sufism, a Hidden Treasure, Stories and Writings of Mystic Poets, Scholars, and Saints (which brought to light the integral contribution of women to the spiritual path of Islam)
The Book of Character, Writings on Virtue and Character from Islamic and Other Sources
The Book of Nature, A Sourcebook of Spiritual Perspectives on Nature and the Environment
Rumi’s Sun, the Teachings of Shams of Tabriz (from the Maqalat)
Rumi and His Friends, Stories of the Lovers of God (from the Menaqib al-Arifin of Aflaki)

Camille has embarked on a new series, “Songs of the Soul,” books of poetic reflection
that began in 1990 with Words from the East and is now further blossoming through:

Ramadan Songs of Love
On the Way Home

She now seeks to encourage all souls to witness the Beauty of this Creation and to share in its preservation through heart to heart connections in recognition of our interwoven interdependence with everything that is; one family of Beingness breathed by our Magnificent Sustainer, no matter what name we may be inspired to use to name that Source of Life and Loving
that pours
through everything—
may we drink
and be restored,
and poured out again
with Love.